Sensolus signs partnership with Belgian telecom operator Citymesh

Customers get access to one-stop shop for all connectivity needs and advanced process optimisation

Ghent, 27 september 2022 - Sensolus, specialised in connected asset management, is joining forces with telecom operator Citymesh. The partnership comes after Citymesh took over the Belgian IoT-Sigfox network last year. With this collaboration, Sensolus will gain access to the portfolio of Citymesh customers who will switch to the Sensolus platform with their trackers. Citymesh in turn expands its multi-technology offering with the IoT products from Sensolus. As a result of the Sensolus and Citymesh collaboration, existing and new customers get a one-stop shop for all their connectivity needs. Those who rely on the power of Internet of Things (IoT) can count on future-proof technology thanks to the extensive tracking functionalities of Sensolus. Customers are now able to safely take the step from merely asset localisation, to process optimisation and efficiency gains.

In 2021, the West Flanders-based telco Citymesh took over the Belgian national IoT Sigfox network. For Ghent-based Sensolus—which at the time was using Engie M2M's Sigfox network for the data traffic of various types of its trackers—it was a logical step to make the switch to Citymesh. The two Belgian companies are now taking this opportunity to establish a unique partnership in the market.

"In addition to the IoT network, Citymesh took over a large customer base of companies using IoT trackers and software," says Koen Vanwalle, Sales Executive BeLux at Sensolus. "For us, this partnership means a lot of additional business. As we roll out this switch to our technology, customers will gradually make this transition to the trackers and platform of Sensolus. We will integrate the data from their current trackers into our platform for the time being, and when the battery of their trackers runs out, we will replace them or expand our services with Sensolus trackers. We can already achieve results in the short term, while existing customers benefit from a particularly smooth changeover."

Maarten van Aerde (Citymesh) & Koen Vanwalle (Sensolus)

Multi-technology offering

For Citymesh, the partnership creates opportunities for cross-selling and expands their service portfolio. The telecom operator assists its customers with all their connectivity challenges, whether it is Wi-Fi for office buildings or a private 5G network for robotics along production lines. Thanks to Sensolus, it can further expand its multi-technology offering with additional IoT solutions, including solutions for tracking e.g. containers and RTPs (returnable packaging) across industries like transportation and logistics, healthcare, automotive and waste management.

"Citymesh is ready to take on every challenge and every one of our customers can count on a fully customised approach," says Maarten van Aerde, Market Manager Industry & Enterprise at Citymesh. "As technology specialists, both Citymesh and Sensolus have a lot of expertise in the field of connectivity. Together we offer all-in-one solutions for the connectivity of our customers." 

Ready for the future

Ultimately, it is the customers who stand the most to gain from this new partnership. Not only through the multitude of connectivity solutions from Citymesh, but also through the doors that Sensolus’ IoT solutions open. For instance, the Sensolus trackers are equipped with innovative features, such as the unique memory function which allows routes to be reconstructed, even after losing connection. Additionally, the trackers can be connected to other sensors in its range that offer added value—for example, measuring the temperature of cargo or indicating how fully stocked containers are.

"In the past, tracking technology was limited to locating assets. Today, the location is just one piece of the puzzle," Koen Vanwalle explains. "Non-powered asset monitoring is all about process optimisation. Thanks to the compatibility, by combining our tracking solutions, companies can gain insights that help improve their business processes and increase quality control and efficiency. This makes them ready for the future."


Lastly, Sensolus and Citymesh acknowledge the great value of the partnership in terms of cross-pollination. The partners share the same passion for connectivity and keep a close eye on innovation in the market as well as new technology development. "We want to strengthen each other. When we spot opportunities for each other, we share them without hesitation. By doing so we can support the customer to the best of our abilities. Through working closely together, we can leverage all the potential in the market today, and tomorrow," concludes Maarten Van Aerde.


About Sensolus
Sensolus is an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) company that tracks non-powered assets such as trailers, containers, etc. through an end-to-end solution, helping companies make better, data-driven business decisions. The company has years of expertise in telecom, low-power networks, wireless sensor design and cloud-based analytics. Sensolus' plug-and-play IoT solution includes wireless trackers and an open IoT platform that enables value creation and cost reduction by linking it to enterprise data. This way, supply chains and logistics processes—in which non-powered assets play an important role—can be optimised.

 The Ghent-based scale-up was founded in 2013 by four IoT enthusiasts and currently has 35 employees. It is active in various industries, ranging from aerospace, automotive and logistics to industrial manufacturing and waste management. Customers such as Airbus, Atlas Copco and AB InBev rely on Sensolus' IoT solution every day. More than 150,000 assets can be tracked in real-time on the platform. For more information:

About Citymesh
Citymesh, part of the European IT Group Cegeka, specializes in the development and management of large-scale wireless networks based on a wide range of technologies. The company not only has broad expertise in Wi-Fi and IoT, but is also a Belgian operator with a 4G and 5G license.

Citymesh pioneers in the development of smart communication and data platforms within various sectors. The company supports over 75 cities, more than 10 exhibition halls, major industrial companies (such as Port of Zeebrugge and Brussels Airport) and Belgian railroads in building a smart infrastructure that combines WiFi, 5G, sensors and data visualisation.

Within the rapidly growing market of mission-critical communications, Citymesh builds unique 5G private networks to support automation in (air) ports, healthcare, warehouses, logistics and other industrial sectors. In addition to rolling out a customer-commissioned infrastructure, Citymesh invests in rolling out its own networks in niche markets, such as offshore wind turbines, drone communications and 5G for smart cities.

Niels van Velde

Niels van Velde

Senior PR Consultant, Evoke


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