Inventive Designers launches online customer communications design tool Xribe

Inventive Designers launches online customer communications design tool Xribe

Ease of use to boost operational efficiency and create individualized, relevant and actionable communications

Antwerp, 20 November 2018 - Inventive Designers, the renowned provider of multichannel customer communications software, introduces Xribe. This groundbreaking cloud-based communications design tool brings to the table unseen ease of use and enables marketers and others to manage customer communications better than ever, independently from IT. The tool boosts operational efficiency and delivers individualized, actionable and relevant communications tailored to the needs of the end customer. With Xribe Inventive Designers is introducing the future standards of customer communications to companies in a wide growth market. 

Business enabling remains a big challenge for a lot of companies,” says Inventive Designers CEO Jim Verbist. “Despite the fact that they are tasked with engaging with customers, business and marketing teams for a long time have had little to no impact on customer communications. That’s because many corporate communication tools are too technical and IT-driven. Xribe, however, is built with the business user in mind and therefore accessible to everyone within the company. With Xribe we focus on the mid and high market segments in a new pay-per-use business model (price per communication).”

Also, customer expectations have evolved dramatically. Customers expect companies to treat them as individuals, know their needs and preferences and communicate relevantly. Only then will they feel valued and respected. Xribe uses customer data scattered around the company for employees to easily pour into templates for communications such as invoices, contracts and newsletters. As such the design tool enables companies to shape each communication to the specific needs and expectations of the receiver. 

Relevant, actionable and individualized communication
As a cloud-based design solution Xribe boasts an ease of use unseen before. User-friendly sophisticated and intelligent functionalities make light work of template design and HTML widgets can be easily integrated. “This allows business users without any IT skills to compose individualized, relevant and actionable communications,” says David Geleyn, CTO at Inventive Designers.

Furthermore, with Xribe business users can easily repurpose templates for different channels instead of having to refactor them over and over, which can cause errors and brand inconsistency. This feature boosts operational efficiency as well as brand consistency with communications that stay ‘on brand’ and can be delivered across all channels.

Cross- and upselling
Despite investments in digital programs a lot of companies come to conclude that only a fraction of their customers goes digital. Xribe enables companies to trigger their customers with interactive content and boost cross- and upselling. As digital friction is filtered out, dropout rates decrease and customers are pushed to complete their customer journey.

Xribe creates a platform for customer-centric thinking and helps companies reach out to their customers how and when they need them to, even when they don’t expect it. “Imagine you are going abroad but you are unaware of the fact that your Mastercard isn’t activated in the country you’re visiting. Based on your location you can be notified of this on your smartphone and asked if you wish to activate your Mastercard. Simply by pressing a button. This is how Xribe introduces companies to the future standards of customer companies,” says David Geleyn.

“As we look to the future, we want to keep working with our partners to link Xribe as communication hub to the power of IoT, AI and data analytics within a larger ecosystem. This is how we can push customer engagement to a higher level and reach the full potential of interactive communication,” concludes Jim Verbist.

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