EsperantoXL joins forces with RoboRana Belgium and takes a new step in its automation story in the Netherlands

EsperantoXL joins forces with RoboRana Belgium and takes a new step in its automation story in the Netherlands

RoboRana integrates automation technologies for all business processes into a single Digital Automation Toolbox with an Intelligent Process Automation strategy

De Meern, 15 September 2020 - The collaboration between EsperantoXL, specialized in no-code and low-code development and the Belgian RoboRana recently led to the emergence of RoboRana Netherlands. As a Robotic Competence & Expertise Center RoboRana now focuses on Intelligent Process Automation, a strategy in which multiple connected automation technologies are provided in one single toolbox. RoboRana thus broadens its scope, which previously only aimed at Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In the Netherlands and Belgium, RoboRana supports companies in transforming data-intensive business processes, reducing manual work and errors and minimizing costs. In this way, customers see their productivity increase, their efficiency improves and employees have the opportunity to fully utilize their human brain power. 

RoboRana Netherlands is the result of the structural collaboration between RoboRana Belgium and EsperantoXL, which continues in its current form. Now RoboRana is the first company in both the Netherlands and Belgium to commit to an Intelligent Process Automation strategy, while until recently it only helped companies automate repetitive, manual tasks using RPA. After a strong growth and successful projects at, among others, KPN, Port of Antwerp and PGB Pensioendiensten, Mathias Fransen and Roel Hoeks, managing partners of RoboRana Belgium and RoboRana Netherlands respectively, noticed that the market is clearly ready for a more integrated approach to automation. 

An Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) strategy is the way forward and clearly goes beyond mere RPA. IPA, initially launched by Gartner as 'hyperautomation', combines several connected automation technologies that are brought together in a single platform, the Digital Automation Toolbox. Roel Hoeks, managing partner of RoboRana Netherlands: "The power of Intelligent Process Automation is mainly found in a combined implementation of different automation technologies. In this way, the IPA strategy not only helps organizations to automate business processes end-to-end, but also allows them to benefit from greater efficiency, increased productivity and consequently increased competitiveness".

Roel Hoeks, managing partner RoboRana Netherlands
Roel Hoeks, managing partner RoboRana Netherlands


Four connected pillars

An IPA strategy is based on four connected pillars, which are divided into an intelligence section and an automation section. The intelligence section includes process insights and process intelligence. Process insights pave the way to discover opportunities in terms of automation and optimization, while the pillar of process intelligence enables improved business decisions. To this end, it combines the power of RPA and artificial intelligence (AI), including intelligent document processing, natural language processing and chatbots. 

The automation part of an IPA strategy includes RPA on the one hand, which is pure task automation, and on the other hand Business Process Management (BPM) to automate heavier and more extensive processes. Neither RPA nor BPM is new, although the latter is now once again more flexible thanks to its transformation into low-code tools. By bundling different automation technologies, an IPA strategy frees employees from repetitive and manual tasks and creates room to use their human capabilities.


RoboRana offers its Intelligent Process Automation strategy to the enterprise market and to governments. "Since the various automation technologies are bundled in the Digital Automation Toolbox, it is particularly easy to choose the best possible automation and optimization solution depending on the customer's specific needs. For us, being tool agnostic is inextricably linked to an integrated approach to end-to-end optimization. It also means that we are ready for the future, because existing RPA tools will eventually evolve into a platform that brings all the technologies together," concludes Roel Hoeks.

About RoboRana
RoboRana is a fast growing and innovative Belgian start-up that was founded in 2017 as part of the Cronos Group. Meanwhile, the 37-person team is active in Belgium and the Netherlands, with offices in Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven and De Meern (the Netherlands). RoboRana wants to help organizations transform data-intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs and improve the customer experience. It focuses on an Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) strategy that brings different connected automation technologies together in one platform. 

An IPA strategy is based on four connected pillars: process insights, process intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA) and business process management (BPM). Process insights and process intelligence are part of the intelligence part where on the one hand there is the discovery of automation and optimization opportunities and on the other hand there is the possibility to make better business decisions thanks to the combined power of RPA and AI skills. RPA and BPM belong to the automation section in which RPA is pure task automation and BPM automates heavier, more extensive processes. 

Renowned companies such as VDAB, Acerta, Port of Antwerp, Sibelga, FPS Finance and the European Commission are already using RoboRana's knowledge and skills today. 

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Roel Hoeks
Roel Hoeks Managing Partner, RoboRana NL


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