BULKRAY, the first Belgian "CO2 Neutral" chauffeur service

The future of CO2-neutral mobility is the self-driving electric car. However, this scenario will not become reality before several more years.  Considering the ongoing climate crisis, BULKRAY decided to act pragmatically and responsibly by achieving CO2 neutrality in partnership with CO2logic in 2017.

During 2017, BULKRAY launched an innovative chauffeur service (car rental with driver) based on three key concepts: high-end vehicles, highly trained drivers, and a CO2 impact that is monitored and offset.

CO2 strategy: monitoring to reduce impacts here ... and there
From the beginning, BULKRAY has placed great importance on its corporate social responsibility. Its commitment to the planet is shown through the implementation of an ambitious CO2 strategy. It consists of monitoring fuel consumption and real CO2 emissions of its vehicles, reducing related emissions through specific eco-driving training for its drivers and gradually renewing the fleet by integrating less polluting cars.

CO2 emissions are at the root of climate change, which causes a significant cost for society. BULKRAY wants to take responsibility for the true impact of its CO2 emissions instead of shifting it to society. This is why the company has chosen to offset the remaining CO2 emissions from its services by supporting Gold Standard certified climate projects. Through these projects, BULKRAY is able to offset its CO2 emissions that could not yet be avoided, elsewhere.

CO2 neutrality mechanism
BULKRAY offsets its unavoidable vehicle CO2 emissions by supporting the “Saving Trees” project that provides efficient cooking stoves for Ugandan families. Around 3 billion people around the world cook on a small, rudimentary woodstove, which exposes them to hazardous fumes. Additionally, families lose a significant amount of time gathering wood. Without knowing it, they contribute to deforestation and depletion of natural resources. Thanks to this project, BULKRAY does not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also improves the living conditions of local people.

Gold Standard
Saving Trees climate project is Gold Standard certified (a label developed by, among others, WWF) which allows for financing of voluntary projects related to climate change mitigation and adaptation. These projects mainly aim to reduce CO2 emissions and would never have been implemented without this CO2 neutrality financial mechanism. Within this project, BULKRAY is a partner of CO2logic, an independent organization. Vinçotte verifies whether the CO2 offset is made correctly and the CO2 Neutral label can be granted. BULKRAY thus became the first Belgian chauffeur service to obtain the CO2 Neutral label.

Drivers’ training
In addition to eco-driving training, BULKRAY stands out by being the only company in Belgium that offers high-end vehicles driven by drivers who are thoroughly trained in VIP safety, and have mastered defensive, preventive and anticipatory driving techniques. The drivers have VIP service standards and use safety techniques in order to reduce the risks of aggression and so-called "sidewalk" attacks.

The BULKRAY drivers are continuously trained in various fields: convoy driving, how to react in crisis situations, vehicle inspection (preventing car bombs, etc.).


BULKRAY (www.bulkray.eu/) is a company located in the capital of Europe, Brussels, committed to driving you to your destination in a professional setting optimized for your comfort and productivity. The service offered by BULKRAY can be summarized in three key concepts:

  • Prestige: through the choice of car brands and models, and the on-board equipment and service;
  • Safety: through highly trained drivers in VIP safety and on-board medical assistance equipment;
  • "100% CO2 Neutral": through reducing and offsetting all CO2 emissions related to the car fleet.

About CO2logic
CO2logic (www.co2logic.com) is an independent environmental advisory firm specialized in calculating, reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions. CO2logic supports and develops, with local NGOs, climate projects in developing countries (Uganda, Burkina Faso, Benin, Senegal ...) to offset the unavoidable carbon footprint of its customers and partners.

For more information:
About Bulkray: www.bulkray.eu/
About the CO2 neutrality mechanism: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSXc40Q2608
About the Saving Trees project: www.savingtrees.org/
About the CO2 Neutral label: www.vincotte.be/en_be/services/service-detail/79/validation-of-co-sub-sub-neutral


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